Welcome To My Home

Hi, my name is Nathan Arizona, formerly known as Nathan Cowlishaw which is still my real name but I go by Nate AZ as an artist publicly & professionally. All content on these network sites are copyrighted by Nathan Arizona, LLC. Welcome to the home-base of Desert Dream Network, named after the original photoblog of my desert landscape photography work titled Desert Dream Photoblog which won several awards for Best American Landscape Photoblog back in the earlier 2000’s – long before Social Media killed the Photoblog Stars!

I’ve incorporated several websites into a WordPress Multisite Network & Some of them are grandfathered in while new domains are being created as works in progress. I sprung for a WordPress Multisite because it inspired my ambition and is helping the inner geek to resurface. These websites and subsides are an artistic work in progress and some will be commercial shoestring businesses. Several of the sites listed are completely under construction and there’s a lot of work not published yet.